17 April 2012

Weekly Goals - April 17, 2012

For whatever reason, I still can't seem to break out of the rut by finishing any work on the new Aston novel. Add on top of that, another novel that a multi-published friend of mine told me I *had* to write, and another where I came up with the idea while mowing my yard...oh, and a tornado rolled through town this past weekend. Fun times.

Results for the week:

1. Completed 650 words on a new Kasey Reynolds story (still untitled)
2. None

And now the goals for this week:

1. Complete 1000 words on the new story
2. Complete 1000 words on Resurrection


  1. It's great the ideas keep rolling though.

  2. Good work. My goal now is to get my 120k novel down to 100k. I did the hacking part, but now I need to put the pieces back together.

  3. Ideas continuing to roll is good, though there comes a point when one has to finish them... ;-)

    Good luck with the editing, Angie...I don't envy you that task at all. :-)


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