17 November 2017

Testing Theories

So, as an engineer in my day job, it's basically mandatory that I run my life by data and analysis. For example, those who have followed the site here for many years have seen several posts covering sales figures, word count goals/accomplishments, and other such fun. Publishing is a business, so they say, and any business needs facts and figures to pore over.

At the behest of Candice Gilmer, I'm going to be testing out some promotional efforts during the month of December. We'll see how it goes. And then, of course, I'll have to come back and provide some results from the test.

12 November 2017

Air Cap Day 2

Well, I was hoping that Sunday's outing at Air Capital Comic-Con would be as good, if not better, than Saturday's. And I was not disappointed.

Actually had more books sold Sunday than Saturday (by one book). Sold 23 books total, which was my best outing of the year. Surprising even myself, I had two people who ended up buying the whole 4-book series. But even so, I sold more copies of Heroes Die Young than anything.

So, Air Cap is now completed, and I look forward to returning next year. My next event is scheduled in February, unless something pops up between now and then.

In the meantime, if you didn't get around to catching me at this event, all of my titles are available at Amazon.

Air Cap Day 1

Sorry for the delay between posts (another post for another day). I'm trying to make a concerted effort to post more frequently, so we'll see how things go.

Yesterday was the first day of Air Capitol Comic-Con, and it was a blast. Always enjoy myself at this local (to me) convention. People really go all out on their costumes, and have a good time. Sales were fairly good, although most came in sporadic bursts through the day.

I always enjoy talking with folks about my books, although many times the conversation is rather formulaic. It seems to me that back in the days when I was first getting started, more people would ask questions like "How do you come up with ideas for your books?" or "How long does it take to write one?" But now, most are content to just glance over the covers, or sometimes pick one up and read the back blurb.

Perhaps this is indicative of our culture in general. My guess on this particular convention is that people just don't have a lot of time, and are trying to cram as much into a single day as possible. And that means not taking time to 'stop and smell the roses,' so to speak.

Or they just don't really find my books (or me) that interesting...

The jury is still out.

31 December 2016

Writing Goals for 2017

Well, 2016 was pretty much a bust, as my recent recap more than demonstrated. Hopefully 2017 will bring a bit more motivation and a few more accomplishments than this past year. Not to say that I haven't done *anything* this past year, but most had nothing to do with my Aston West material. Even so, I think a few of these other projects will make it onto the goals for the coming year. And just to make things interesting, I'll add a few extra goals compared to prior years...

So, here goes:

1. Plot out a fifth Aston West series novel and write at least 10,000 words on it.

2. Plot out a third Aston West novella and write at least 10,000 words on it.

3. Complete the first draft of my in-work "Demonkiller" WIP.

4. Complete the first draft of my in-work sci-fi suspense/mystery novel.

5. Finish the next novella in the Max McCannor series.

6. Plot out the final novella in the Max McCannor series.

7. Write six Aston West short stories.

All in all, it's going to be a busy year. Thanks to everyone who's purchased copies of my books, and I'm looking forward to bringing you even more great stories in the near future.

30 December 2016

2016 in Review

I don't imagine I'm going to accomplish anything in the next couple of days to make many changes to these results, so I'm now looking back at 2016 and my goals for the year, and see what it was that I completed...

1. Plot out a fifth Aston West series novel.

I've had a few nibbles of ideas bouncing around in my head, even before I finished All Good Things, but alas, nothing on the plot side. I've actually toyed with the idea of ending the series with this next novel. We'll see what happens this next year.

2. Finish a third Aston West novella.

This did not happen. I do have another novella out there that I'd like to try and finish some day...but I'd also like to be motivated enough to write some new material.

3. Publish my new Aston novel All Good Things.

 All Good Things on Amazon

This was actually one of the few things I did accomplish this year. If you haven't already purchased a copy, please do so (click the cover to head over to Amazon). It's a surprising thing, how motivation and sales are correlated...

4. Publish another Triple-Shot.

Sadly, didn't finish a single short story this year, so didn't get another Triple-Shot out.

5. Finish the next novella in the Max McCannor series.

Lyndon Perry and I have still not gotten any farther along on this project this year. We still have a few chapters written on the next installment, tentatively titled Runaway, but it hasn't gone anywhere.


Sadly, my motivation has been deep in the bottom of the toilet for most of the year. Hopefully, I have a turnaround this coming year...

I should be getting another set of goals put together for 2017 in a day or two.

26 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! And now, with my gift for you, enjoy copies of my first two Aston West novels (Heroes Die Young and Friends in Deed) for free, for a limited time only.

14 November 2016

Air Cap Recap

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth at this past weekend's Air Cap Comic-Con. Really enjoyed myself, and so did my table partner, Candice Gilmer. I especially appreciate all the love that was given to the first in my Aston West series, Heroes Die Young! Thank you all!

13 November 2016

Air Cap Comic-Con

Had a great time at Air Cap Comic-Con in Wichita, Kansas yesterday. Looking forward to another great day today. If you can't make it out to the event this weekend, you can still pick up copies of my books over on Amazon. Enjoy!