25 May 2006

Aston West Fan-Fic

Everyone has had plenty of time to work and rework all their Aston West fanfic...post it here (in the comments section).

Or perhaps I should be requesting some Barbara Bauer fanfic instead?

Aston West

24 May 2006

The Mandatory Post

What a joy...it seems that not everyone is pleased about being placed on the Official List of the 20 Worst Literary Agents.

In particular, one Barbara Bauer.

Seems Barbara Bauer was not at all pleased with the honor and privelege of being placed on the list, so has been harrasing various high profile(and maybe low profile?) targets to try and get them to recant.

One particular favorite of mine (since I visit there frequently) is the fact that the hosting company (See Matt's site for address and phone info) for Absolute Write received word from Barbara Bauer and her associates, basically giving the empty threat of a lawsuit as often happens when dealing with people such as Barbara Bauer, and instantly took AW off-line.

Needless to say, Absolute Write is now looking for a new hosting company.

People always amaze me with how easily they can be convinced of lies.


13 May 2006

Pretty Much Says It All

Courtesy of Bad Cookie:

You will have difficulty finding new outlets for your own minor creative abilities.

I really couldn't have said it better myself.

12 May 2006

The Hit Parade

I just returned from a city-wide parade and found something rather astonishing.

Is it common practice now that the various floats and parade participants NOT toss out candy to the curb for kids to get? Has Earth (and American in particular) society gotten so worried about liability issues as to avoid tossing pieces of candy which may injure a pedestrian (or rot their teeth)?

Personally, that's the only thing I ever found exciting about parades...which says a lot about the one I just returned from.

11 May 2006

The Jareo Effect

Something that I've been pondering in my head for a few days...

It certainly seems that a lot of people have been generating (or trying to) a lot of interest in themselves by doing something that sets people off. I've decided to call this The Jareo Effect (in tribute to Lori Jareo, who as we recall was the star of the Star Wars fanfic drama that unfolded recently (and whose illegal book was finally yanked off Amazon, I see)).

It seems as if more people are starting to follow this same pattern: Do something shocking and then wait for the notoriety to build.

Courtesy of , we find a tale of , who apparently posted topless photos of herself on her site (under "Burning Man, Burning Bras" in case you're interested).

From what I understand, some of her students (the claim is they're attempting to attack her) spread news of her activities to news media, and then everything came down the pipe. People come out of the woodwork to attack her, then others come out to support her. It's only a matter of time, I imagine, before further news media jump on the story.

Personally, I didn't see the big deal about the pictures. They weren't really all that much to look at in the first place.

But then, why let that stand in the way of a good scandal?

Back to my post...the second story comes to us by way of Lee Goldberg's blog. Apparently, Lee received an e-mail asking for opinions on a novel which the author had posted (at least a partial of) at his blog. Lee gave his opinion on his own blog, which the author then used to gain attention on various other blogs.

I read part of the excerpt. Although not your typical slush, I didn't think it was quire ready for publication either...and though I don't have a problem with people posting excerpts, I do have an issue with people requesting feedback and then getting in a huff when the feedback isn't what they wanted (I've been through that before).

But then, what do I know?

There must be something in the water, is the only thing I can figure.

05 May 2006

This is My Life...

In exchange for allowing me to live in his home, Hunter makes me do things around the house, the yard, all those fun things he doesn't want to do himself.

(I prefer to call it a penance, myself)

Anyway, if there was anything that summed up my life, this story would be it.

So, this evening I was attempting to put in some edging, which is quite an exciting thing for a guy like me. This particular edging came in small interlocking pieces (6" in your Earth measurements), with a total of 20' (no, I'm not sure how little apostrophes came to mean units of measure either) in the box.

Anyway, I was chugging along quite nicely and came to the end of the area which I was edging. Lo and behold, I'm roughly 6" away from where I need to be. One more piece and it would have been a perfect fit. Now, it would seem we'll need to get another whole box (with 20' of edging) in order to complete the 6" left.

Like I said, that pretty much sums up how my life goes most of the time.