22 May 2015


Whew! It's been four whole months since I posted a snippet for Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. But since SFFS is turning four years old this week, I figured I'd get moving and post something.

But what?

I don't have a new novel out yet, my upcoming short story collection The Dirty Dozen is nearly ready, but most of the stories I've already covered in past snippets. I've done several snippets from my latest novella Fallen (shameless cover art plug) already...and if you haven't picked it or my other novella Seeker up, both are available this weekend for free on your Kindle.

Well, I did just finish the first round of edits on my latest Aston "series" novel. It's also gone through yet another title change (from Resurrection to Life and Death and now I'm contemplating using a new title, All Good Things).

So, while trying not to duplicate any snippets from the past versions, I've come up with the following for your enjoyment:
“How do I know you have enough of this supposed death cure to bring her back?”

Elijah rattled a tiny chain around his neck as he pulled out a small medical dispenser. “It’s right here.”

“That could be anything. Show me it works, on her.”

He laughed, loud, a painful beating upon my ears. “Nice try, but you know the deal. You help us, and we bring her back.”

I focused on Leah’s face, imagining her smile once more, trying to remember her voice as she conveyed her desire to leave the twins. The decision to make was clear; I had no choice.

“So, what do you say? One more mission, to bring her back to life?”

I placed my head on the clear plastic, knowing that I was selling out to the devil on this one. I had to, for her sake as well as my own. “I’ll do it.”

Hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully I'll be able to get through subsequent rounds of edits in the near future, so that I can have the whole thing ready for public consumption before long...