26 January 2006

Blogger and its Wisdom

So, I'm sitting around trying to comment on a few blogs, namely those of Dawno, Laurel, and Hunter. Lo and behold, all require 'word verification' for posting comments. In itself, not a problem. But they have this knack for not only putting letters for you to type, half the time they're cocked off as strange angles and scrunched together so it's tougher to actually read the letters.

Granted, I'm half-inebriated (but can I spell?) most of the time.

Aston West

17 January 2006

Silly Earth Customs

Before cuddling up with a bottle, I need to post a small tidbit here, as it apparently is an Earth custom to send these things called memes around. Apparently, I've been “tagged” by , who bears some resemblence to an anonymous poster I've seen rummaging around 's blog...

So here are these meme instructions:

1. First, you must visit your archives.
2. Find the 23rd post, which in my case doesn't exist, and explains my dismay in the rationale for this bizarre Earth custom.
5. And then, you post the fifth sentence from it. Again, no 23rd post. My luck, it would have been a drinking post where I didn't even construct five sentences.
4. Post the sentence, likewise the instructions, into your blog. Check. Jeanie, get the ship warmed up...I think these Earthlings are doomed.
5. And this is the part where I “tag” other people.

To avoid anyone else reaping the benefits of being a 23rd post-less wonder, I shall attempt to "tag" people who actually have more than 23 posts total. I'm not going to the effort to figure out if their 23rd post contains 5 sentences...

surely has enough, and I'm going to go out on a limb to say that her posts are NEVER less than five sentences.

a blog I just found the other day...should include the standard Hunter-prudish warnings about some adult content (how fast can you click, guys?)

And since things should always come in threes (okay, the warning about adult content stopped before this paragraph...sicko freaks), here has made a recent visit to one of my favorite places, .

Now that the fun is over, I shall say that the only reason I have participated in this exercise was . I must discover the secret to these sparkly ears that make people do things they do not wish to do. It would come in quite handy, I think.

15 January 2006

A Random Post

Nothing new to report around here...
Just woke up from a drunken stupor, and decided to post to the blog...

09 January 2006

One More Time for Hunter

I've been trying to explain to Hunter that this is the kind of thing that sells books, but he won't listen to me. allegedly made up his memoirs (I, on the other hand, would NEVER do such a thing...never...ever...maybe I embellish a little here and there), and it's a bestseller. Not only that, but he's gotten on Oprah...and we all know that's the be-all/end-all of writers' dreams everywhere.

C'mon Hunter...get with the program...

, ,

07 January 2006

Hunter's New Blog

Well, Hunter went and created his . I see that the gauntlet has now been thrown down...

06 January 2006

Here's a Good One

So, in case you didn't already know, Hunter likes to write books (of the stories I tell him about my travels). So, while I'm browsing the various writer's sites when he's not around, I occassionally come across an interesting thread.

I'm surprised I didn't come up with this plan for Hunter's first book. Convincing people to buy the book on the basis that they may get a part in the movie? I imagine I'd have a few more morals than to try and pull a con on unsuspecting actors and actresses. But then, I might have based it on the particular actor or actress.

04 January 2006

A New Year, A New Post

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I'm still alive, and that I didn't drink myself into oblivion (I will be around later to collect on those wagers, by the way).

Hunter looked over my blog, but just shook his head and walked out of the room...

Aston West