26 February 2006

Ranting On

So here's a rant...

Okay, two rants. Sue me.

Why is it that the people who need to help themselves out of the hole they've dug themselves financially are the least likely people to actually take the necessary steps to do so?

Second to that, why is it that people tell you to be more assertive, but then when you do, those same people turn and tell you to stop being so "pushy"?

Perhaps I'll continue this discussion in the comments later...

19 February 2006

14 February 2006

The Finish of FID

Well, it's about damn time. Hunter finally finished all the edits on his latest novel. Hopefully he has better luck finding a publisher for this one than he did the last. I'm still having nightmares...

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04 February 2006

Welcome Back

That was a heck of a trip...I'll have to tell you all about it sometime.
Just remember for future reference, never stare at (even in the general direction of) a Brisarian female.

In other news, I notice that Hunter has been hard at work on finishing up the final edits of FID. It's about time that guy got his butt in gear. Unfortunately, it all seem to flow as I'm off on a trip. I wonder if there's a correlation. I hope not.