04 June 2019

June 2019 Writing Goals

Well, five months in, and although some work was done, not a lot.

So, here are the results for May:

1. Complete the first draft of "Dead Broke" (one of my three new Aston West stories). - Finished this goal with over 3,000 words written.

2. Complete 2,500 words on Before the Dawn. - Did not work on this goal.

3. Complete 1,000 words on Dark Side (tentative title for my sci-fi detective thriller).  - Did not work on this goal.

Changing things up this month. I've been neglecting one of my completed novel drafts for over five months, and I'm starting to "go wide" with distribution of my Aston novels and triple-shots. So, work on new material will take a back seat this month while I take care of these goals (technically, not writing...but writing-related). So here are the goals for June:

1. Complete first round edits on 18 chapters of the first Demonkiller novel.

2. Complete work on getting my four Aston novels onto other platforms such as B&N, Smashwords, etc.