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All the Novels from Aston's Universe:

Heroes Die Young

Aston stumbles across a derelict freighter and is drawn into the intrigue surrounding its fate as well as the ship's beautiful, yet mysterious Captain.

Friends in Deed

Forced to return to the prison he escaped from long ago, space pirate Aston West must battle all of his old demons, and a few new ones, to help mount another escape.

Death Brings Victory

Space pirate Aston West comes to terms with his checkered past, and discovers both a love which should not be and a thirst for vengeance may take him farther than he wants to go.

All Good Things

A new ship. A new love. A new life. An old nemesis could end it all. Will Aston risk his newfound love and join forces with the ultimate evil, just to find absolution?

The Cure

After her husband and daughter are murdered in cold blood, scientist Mila Groso makes it her mission to find a cure for death itself.


Aston's faced the law many times, but now they have a secret weapon that could bring him down for good.


When plans start to crumble, Aston finds that sometimes you have to put your own life on the line to make up for your own mistakes.


Trapped on-board a galactic ferry ship moving through an electrical field that could tear his own ship apart, Aston must steer clear of his enemies and find a way to escape without losing his life.

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