08 August 2020

Crossfire & Other Stories

Sorry for the long delay in posting...this year has been a bit of a mess.

Although most of you know me through my Aston West novels and novellas (through other threads around here), and the short stories I have in a couple of collections, I do write other material. Finished up another collection of stories recently, set in the same universe, but focused on a different character who made an appearance in "Entrapment" (one of my Aston stories).

So, head on by and check out my first Kasey Reynolds action pack. Blurb below:

Kasey Reynolds was one of the universe's premiere fugitive apprehension agents. After a particularly troubling failure on what should have been an easy job, Kasey's life and career begin spiraling out of control as she tries to find more work and discover more about what makes her who she is. Follow along on this series of five adventures featuring Kasey as she learns more about herself than she may be willing to admit.


01 January 2020

2020 Writing Goals

Well, since 2019 was such a dismal outing on the writing front, this year's goals are going to look a lot like last year's. Here's hoping I'll be able to complete a few of these goals this time around.

So, here goes:

1. Publish my fifth Aston West series novel, Before the Dawn.

2. Publish my in-work "Demonkiller" WIP (which still needs a title).

3. Complete the first draft of my in-work sci-fi suspense/mystery novel.

4. Write two more Aston West short stories and publish another triple-shot (my most recent one featuring Sweet Embrace came out back in 2015).