24 January 2007

Just a Small Update

I certainly wish that I could say my extended absence was the result of prolific writing being accomplished, but unfortunately it's merely a matter of life once again getting in the way.

Earlier this month, extended family had some domestic issues, which resulted in our home being used as a refugee camp of sorts.

And then, our temporary foster home permit came in the mail.

Apparently, foster homes are in very short supply, because as soon as the paperwork hit the agency's home office, we had kids plopped in our laps the next day (I imagine...they didn't tell me personally when the paperwork was received on their end after it was sent to them).

Because of all the regulations and confidentiality issues related to the foster care system (which are a joy, I assure you), I can't really go into anything much more specific. Rest assured, it's been a rather harrowing experience thus far. And even more exciting, there hasn't been a free moment anywhere to get anything resembling writing done.

One can hope that a somewhat stable routine will emerge shortly, and the latest round of beta comments will get incorporated.

But then, I thought that would be the end of it after the first round of beta comments...

04 January 2007

One Long Night

I've previously alluded to how Brisarian males are very protective of their females. Well, let's just say that one night, I'd had a bit much to drink and forgot to heed my own advice.

Needless to say, some of them found out what planet I've been hanging out on.

Yes, it's all my fault.