24 January 2007

Just a Small Update

I certainly wish that I could say my extended absence was the result of prolific writing being accomplished, but unfortunately it's merely a matter of life once again getting in the way.

Earlier this month, extended family had some domestic issues, which resulted in our home being used as a refugee camp of sorts.

And then, our temporary foster home permit came in the mail.

Apparently, foster homes are in very short supply, because as soon as the paperwork hit the agency's home office, we had kids plopped in our laps the next day (I imagine...they didn't tell me personally when the paperwork was received on their end after it was sent to them).

Because of all the regulations and confidentiality issues related to the foster care system (which are a joy, I assure you), I can't really go into anything much more specific. Rest assured, it's been a rather harrowing experience thus far. And even more exciting, there hasn't been a free moment anywhere to get anything resembling writing done.

One can hope that a somewhat stable routine will emerge shortly, and the latest round of beta comments will get incorporated.

But then, I thought that would be the end of it after the first round of beta comments...


  1. That's a tough deal Hunter. A couple of things. You may want to try out that firstchapters contest at gather.com. A publishing contract is the prize and from what I've seen the competition, ahem... is not too tough.

    First Chapters

    This player reviews unpublished books and screenplays.

    The Unsung Critic

    Mine was the only book thus far out of several hundred submissions.

  2. Keep it in the road, buddy. You're a square peg. :)

  3. hi, this is rayne, i just haven't had a chance to sign in properly, and have to go back to work in a sec...we only met here recently, but you seem like one of the good guys...those kids are lucky to have you, methinks. btw, i have a bit of experience helping kids who have...extra needs, a bit of extra help. if ya ever wanna talk...my email is attached to my webpage, (which i, too, haven't had a chance to update recently, but hopefully tomorrow..!) i'd love to hear from ya.
    take care...

  4. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to find an e-mail address on the web page. Maybe you have to have a myspace account to do so?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. p.s.. so sorry (!) - there used to be a link on my page to my email address...and i'm shocked - SHOCKED,i tell you - to find that it has disapeared into the ether somehow...

  7. Oh, and I'm contemplating the First Chapters contest, just a matter of putting in all the last minute changes from my beta readers in time for the contest...thanks for the link, Mark.


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