27 July 2006

A Winner at Last

Yours truly was a winner in the latest Evil Editor contest (though not much of a contest, so it turns out)...now it's up to everyone else to figure out which one was my entry...


Be on the lookout for (hopefully) one of my queries to be sent through the ringer soon as well...

Aston West
Evil Editor

18 July 2006

Missed Career Opportunities

It's only fair to say that POD-dy Mouth really did miss her calling as a stand-up comic.

Another pick-me-up this soon? I might just start to smile on a regular basis...that would be a shame.

Aston West
POD-dy Mouth

15 July 2006

Hotter than Hell

Triple-digit heat?
I haven't seen heat this bad since I last visited Rulusia.
It amazes me that the humidity here could be just as bad as there.
You'd expect to find tropical jungles and wild animals roaming around.
Instead, all you have is wheat fields and cow s***.

Too bad Vladirian liquor dries a body out.

06 July 2006

Interesting Choice

I think Hunter should find out what it would take to use this photo for the cover of his WIP novel, DBV...

Think Rione, except this girl has shorter hair and her skin isn't the right shade...
There are a few other slight differences, but anyone who's read the first book would know what they are, so I won't bother listing them here...