26 February 2007

FID Completed (again)

After much strife and toil, I've finally completed all the remaining edits on my latest novel. Now it's time to move on to another, while I simultaneously prepare my work for (possibly) submittal to the First Chapters contest mentioned in the comments of another post.

My only questions about said contest are in the "standard" contract they force the winner to sign within 5 days of receiving it. I need to see if there's a way to view that contract before submitting.

Although I don't put much stock in my chances of winning such a contest, it would good to know whether there's anything in that "standard" contract I should beware of. Having been burned once by a publisher (if one could even call it that), I'm a little hesitant to be burned by another.

12 February 2007

Foiled Again

Interestingly enough, I was chatting with some co-workers who'd read my book and they hinted that it seemed very similar to a sci-fi series that was on Fox (briefly) a while back...named Firefly (the TV show spawned a movie, so it seems)

And so I've been watching a few episodes (and the movie).
Good stuff, and yes, I can see where it resembles my novels.
Too bad I never heard of this series before I came up with my concept back in the late 90s.
(and I'm certain Joss Whedon, who also created Buffy the Vampire Slayer, never saw my work)

As with all things, there are some similarities and some differences...

The main difference is that while I keep the focus on one character and his transport ship, Firefly brings a cast of nine characters aboard a transport ship.

The premise is similar...pirate-type character (or characters, with the show) who do odd jobs to make ends meet and end up getting themselves into the wrong situations most of the time.

The main character in the series has a lot in common with my own...tries not to show his compassionate, do-right side while he's at the same time committing what most would consider criminal behavior.

At least they don't have a talking computer...ha.

One big thing I've discovered is that the name of their "ruling authority" is the Alliance, which was what I'd planned to use for an organization in my upcoming novel. Now, I could probably still use it and be fine. But now that I've seen the show (and how similar it is to my novel series), I almost feel obligated to change the name...argh!!!!

(Going through, chapter by chapter, on a search-and-replace mission is going to be a pain in the...)

Another similarity is the group of ruthless beasts who plunder and such...the Gohr in my novels, Reavers in the series. Thankfully, I decided to keep the Gohr somewhat civilized, to the point where they don't resort to cannibalism.

Always fun and excitement to find these things out...makes one wonder how one person (Mr. Whedon) could take basically a similar concept and turn it into a TV series and movie, while I'm still waiting for a real publisher.