06 November 2015

SFFS: Snippet #17 From Inoculation (a DIRTY DOZEN story)

Welcome back, everyone, to another week of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.

As mentioned in prior weeks, my new Aston short story collection Dirty Dozen is available over at Amazon, I figured I'd continue on with my snippets from the last several months, and finish with one last snippet from my short story "Inoculation."

First, the blurb for Dirty Dozen:

Join space pirate Aston West in the second collection of short stories from his universe, featuring classic space opera tales by T. M. Hunter. Building on Aston's first collection (Dead or Alive), these stories feature even more wild adventures, unforgettable characters, and exciting plot twists to satisfy your space opera appetite.

So, here's the next snippet, from my short story "Inoculation":
“A momentary glitch in the lighting system. I’m currently running a diagnostic to determine the root cause.”

My tension melted away with her explanation. She’d detected the issue, unlike when all of this had started with the viewscreen. I pulled my hand away from the closet, and took a long breath to calm myself even further. The software was working after all, and I was sure I had nothing to worry about.

“Let me know what you find out, whenever you do,” I told her.

My eyes went wide and the tension all came rushing back into my body, though, with her next words. “I’m sure it’s nothing, Aston.”
And there you have it, the end of the story. Hope you enjoyed it! If so, pick up a copy of Dirty Dozen from the link above.