01 January 2024

2024 Writing Goals

Well, things didn't go so well through 2023. Working to get some things done in 2024. Here are my goals:

1. Complete the first draft of my fifth Aston West series novel, Before the Dawn. I am currently at about 35K words. I have a good idea of the path I want the story to take, so now it's just a matter of getting the writing done. However, this will likely take a back seat to my Demonkiller novel below (unless I run into blocks on that one).

2. Complete the first draft of Tempted, the second title in my new Demonkiller series. I am now at 33K words on this one, and the plot is coming together nicely. This will likely be my primary focus for this year, since I only have the one title in this series (sorry, Aston fans).

3. Re-publish and re-brand my two short story collections, Dead or Alive and Dirty Dozen. Have not looked ahead to the convention schedule for this year (some ended their runs this past year, so things may look a bit different), but hoping to have them available soon.

4. Write four new Aston short stories (one per quarter). Wanting to work these back into the goal rotation, so that I can get some accomplishments (hopefully) completed.

Here's hoping I can work to complete these goals this year.

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