26 February 2006

Ranting On

So here's a rant...

Okay, two rants. Sue me.

Why is it that the people who need to help themselves out of the hole they've dug themselves financially are the least likely people to actually take the necessary steps to do so?

Second to that, why is it that people tell you to be more assertive, but then when you do, those same people turn and tell you to stop being so "pushy"?

Perhaps I'll continue this discussion in the comments later...


  1. HEY, I can add to your rants with my own questions. Why is it that bankers or governmental agencies who look down on people stuck in a financial crack are always wealthy, money controlling folks who never had to struggle in their lives?

    Why is it OK for those same wealthy and powerful people to be "assertive" and outspoken, but if POOR people speak out they are labeled trouble makers and rabble rousers??

  2. There are probably a number of reasons - could be that these people just think they're entitled to be bailed out or all their lives someone has been bailing them out and they never learned to stand on their own two feet.

    If someone told me to be more assertive and then told me I was being pushy I'd ask them exactly what they meant and remind them of their earlier advice. Maybe I've become too assertive? I would want to get to the bottom of it.

    Then I'd use my disintegrator ray on 'em. (yes, I've had a rough week and I would like to blast a few people into dust.)

  3. I have an extra one for sale, if you'd like...though it may end up being slightly used after this evening's activities...


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