26 January 2006

Blogger and its Wisdom

So, I'm sitting around trying to comment on a few blogs, namely those of Dawno, Laurel, and Hunter. Lo and behold, all require 'word verification' for posting comments. In itself, not a problem. But they have this knack for not only putting letters for you to type, half the time they're cocked off as strange angles and scrunched together so it's tougher to actually read the letters.

Granted, I'm half-inebriated (but can I spell?) most of the time.

Aston West


  1. I've come to think of word verification as a great source of alien sounding names for SF characters, places or things. I guess it's because I remember that Mr. Mxyplyxt or whatever from Superman comics...

    Thank you for facing the challenge and commenting on my blog. You're a dear.

  2. Sorry Aston old pal, old chum, old bean. Got any vladirian liquor on ya? Maybe a jolt of that will straighten out those oddly skewed letters they use for verification. I thought all that extraneous stuff was eliminated from my blog comment area when I allowed anonymous posting. I have trouble with them also.

  3. I enjoy word verification for the ability to avoid spammers, but you wouldn't think they'd need to run to the lengths they do.

    Unfortunately, Laurel, the Vladirian liquor makes it worse (from eperience).

    Maybe they're listening...the one I see at the bottom of my comment screen right now is actually legible...

  4. Mine is 'vulkv' - see what I mean?

    Hello, I'm Mistress Dawno from the planet Vulkv.

    hmm. Erotic SF...could be my niche.

  5. Just make all the women voluptuous and horny, and you'll do fine with most sci-fi readers...

    "Zkeangk," he retorted.
    I laughed. "You got that right."

  6. Good point. I'll keep your sage advice in mind.


  7. Watch your language...I try to maintain a clean blog...don't make me beat your savwovx.

    (I think you found tomorrow's meme)

  8. Nobody ever answered my question, wherever I asked it.
    What the qrsl is a MEME?


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