17 January 2006

Silly Earth Customs

Before cuddling up with a bottle, I need to post a small tidbit here, as it apparently is an Earth custom to send these things called memes around. Apparently, I've been “tagged” by , who bears some resemblence to an anonymous poster I've seen rummaging around 's blog...

So here are these meme instructions:

1. First, you must visit your archives.
2. Find the 23rd post, which in my case doesn't exist, and explains my dismay in the rationale for this bizarre Earth custom.
5. And then, you post the fifth sentence from it. Again, no 23rd post. My luck, it would have been a drinking post where I didn't even construct five sentences.
4. Post the sentence, likewise the instructions, into your blog. Check. Jeanie, get the ship warmed up...I think these Earthlings are doomed.
5. And this is the part where I “tag” other people.

To avoid anyone else reaping the benefits of being a 23rd post-less wonder, I shall attempt to "tag" people who actually have more than 23 posts total. I'm not going to the effort to figure out if their 23rd post contains 5 sentences...

surely has enough, and I'm going to go out on a limb to say that her posts are NEVER less than five sentences.

a blog I just found the other day...should include the standard Hunter-prudish warnings about some adult content (how fast can you click, guys?)

And since things should always come in threes (okay, the warning about adult content stopped before this paragraph...sicko freaks), here has made a recent visit to one of my favorite places, .

Now that the fun is over, I shall say that the only reason I have participated in this exercise was . I must discover the secret to these sparkly ears that make people do things they do not wish to do. It would come in quite handy, I think.


  1. egads, I just looked over on the sidebar and saw the StrongBad e-mail link. The male type people around here like that stuff, too.

    I can't say I always find it as funny. What is it with guys.

    The secret of the sparkly ears shall be revealed at the reading of my will. Not before. Maybe. I'm pretty easily bribed...

  2. Hah--Mac was already tagged for this, some time back. My twenty-third post consists of a single line--how ironic is that? (Considering I do tend to drone on.)

    But now you've outed PeeDee! Hurray!

  3. Strongbad rocks...Tako would too, if they'd ever come up with new material...

    I guess there's just something about a talking bobblehead that amuses us male-types.

  4. You posted on my blog that "your wife" crochets. When did you get married, Aston? Or was Hunter logged on to your account that day? ;-)

  5. Hunter's too much of a wussy to get his own account...

    As far as I know, I'm not married. Not sure what systems out there consider being drunk an exclusionary factor in legal contracts, though...


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