14 October 2011


Back again for another fun-filled week of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Although I haven't yet finished editing the third Aston "in the series" novel, I'm presenting this week's snippet from my fourth one, Resurrection. I will put a little spoiler disclaimer here, and let everyone know that if you haven't read my second book Friends in Deed, and plan to, you might go read it first...don't worry, the snippet will still be here when you get back.

And of course, this is first draft material, so take that as it's offered...

“Aston...” Warm breath eased past my ear along with that voice I hadn’t heard for a very long time. Add on top of that the very idea of a voice being present, and confusion sent chills up and down my spine.

I kept my stare forward, muttering my words. “It can’t be. You’re dead. I killed you myself.”

I turned on my heels and stumbled back at the sight of Lars Cassus standing there in the light. The corner of his mouth curled up, and his voice, which he’d lost even longer ago, returned. “I’m back.”

Action's definitely going to be heating up with this one...can't wait to finish it, and present both novels to the general public in due time.


  1. Ach, don't you just hate it when people you think you've killed return? lol

    Great snippet!

  2. That must explain the whole 'resurrection' thingy. :P

  3. Ack! Lars is alive!!! Noooo... Can't wait for this one.

  4. It did make it rather obvious, titling it that way. :-D

    Thanks for stopping by, all!

  5. And Cary, this is the second Saturday I've tried posting a comment to your blog's excerpts, and get an error message...? Really enjoyed both weeks' snippets...hope you see my comments here. :-\

  6. 'I killed you myself' - ha! Some people just won't stay dead even then. :-P

  7. Uh-oh. That's scary. Great excerpt!

  8. Maybe Aston should remember the sage advice from Zombieland, and always double-tap...but honestly, it wouldn't have mattered in this case. :-)


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