21 October 2011


Since I provided an excerpt from my fourth Aston novel last week, I figured that for this week's edition of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, I'd pull out an excerpt from my third (not-yet-published) Aston novel, Death Brings the Victory. Still in edits, of course, but still good stuff...taken from the prologue:

As far as setup, Aston's ship has just landed at the Torian orbital station (those who've read Heroes Die Young will recognize it) and his good friend Rione Sc'lari is rushing to meet him and just entered his ship:

Aston lay haphazard on the cot along the near wall, unmoving. A makeshift bandage covered his left shoulder, torn from sheets piled on the floor. Everything under him and below the cot was coated dark red.

“Aston!” she called, but received no response. Her breath formed misty vapor clouds as she rushed to his side. Shoving his body had no effect, either. Her entire body shook violently, not from the cold, but from building fear.

His breath wasn’t visible as hers was, so she reached up to his throat. Expecting the worst, she felt for signs of life. At first, she found nothing, then pushing a little deeper, a flicker of hope rose as she finally found faint beats, shallow and slow.