28 October 2011

SFFS - An Excerpt from "Ever Dark"

With a stay in the hospital (not for me) this week, I almost didn't make it in time for Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, but did finally get home and get signed up. So, this week, I'm offering up an excerpt from my published Aston West short story "Ever Dark" (one of my favorites).

I stepped down the hall and the hairs in my nose curled. As I turned the corner, a pile of light gray ash lay on the floor along the left wall. A handheld energy weapon rested next to the debris.
Disintegrator cannon fire was one of the more horrific ways to die and not something a decent person would wish on even their worst enemy. Out of paranoia, I lifted my wrist.
“Jeanie, let me know if you see anything inside or outside the freighter.”
A hatch in the right wall split apart as I approached. Three more piles of ash lay at various spots around the rectangular bridge. Only one energy weapon was nearby, which told me someone had disintegrated unarmed victims.

If you liked this excerpt, feel free to head on over and read the full story in Ray Gun Revival (archived over on Scribd). And of course, several free stories can be found under the Shorts section of AstonWest.com.


  1. The only problem with these SFFSat days, is they just add to my growing pile of books I want to read. Seems like the West(ern) Chronicles are part of that pile now to.

    I'm off to go hunt down the first book now...

  2. HEROES DIE YOUNG is over there on the right... ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by! And your blog still doesn't allow me to comment, btw... :-(

  3. Eeew - someone's just being plain nasty. Great (and scary) stuff. Hope he finds the perpetrator ...

    I was able to comment on Cary's post this week, thank goodness. I use firefox - maybe that's your problem?

  4. Ohh...I don't think I've read this one yet. Must do that. Is this from the Dead or Alive collection?

    I use Firefox too...it's easy-peasey.

  5. I use Firefox as well...gives me a message in the comment popup: "Can't connect to application instance" Very odd... :-\

    Yes, this one is also included in the DEAD OR ALIVE collection...and I can neither confirm nor deny that he finds the perpetrator(s) by the end of the story...hee hee. :-)

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  7. Last week I had that same pop-up - cannot connect .. and then this week it worked fine. Maybe try it again today?

  8. I've had the same one each week...I'll give it a go again.

  9. And of course, it just worked... :-)

  10. Phew - I'm glad it did. It seems that it's just down every now and then - one needs to catch it at a good time ;-)

  11. To jump in... That happens to me as well, but I just close the box, click the comment link again, and it works.

  12. Will have to give that a try if it happens to me next week...


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