05 May 2006

This is My Life...

In exchange for allowing me to live in his home, Hunter makes me do things around the house, the yard, all those fun things he doesn't want to do himself.

(I prefer to call it a penance, myself)

Anyway, if there was anything that summed up my life, this story would be it.

So, this evening I was attempting to put in some edging, which is quite an exciting thing for a guy like me. This particular edging came in small interlocking pieces (6" in your Earth measurements), with a total of 20' (no, I'm not sure how little apostrophes came to mean units of measure either) in the box.

Anyway, I was chugging along quite nicely and came to the end of the area which I was edging. Lo and behold, I'm roughly 6" away from where I need to be. One more piece and it would have been a perfect fit. Now, it would seem we'll need to get another whole box (with 20' of edging) in order to complete the 6" left.

Like I said, that pretty much sums up how my life goes most of the time.


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  2. You know Hunter, I sure hope you don't query in character. As a SAG member, the pros don't do it. Still, you're frequenting the blogs of those who know about publishing so that will help you. Miss Snark has more on this third person thing. It's really affected.

  3. Good thing Hunter never claimed to be a pro...

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  5. And they'll know it right off as I'm sure you've seen evidence of already.


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