24 May 2006

The Mandatory Post

What a joy...it seems that not everyone is pleased about being placed on the Official List of the 20 Worst Literary Agents.

In particular, one Barbara Bauer.

Seems Barbara Bauer was not at all pleased with the honor and privelege of being placed on the list, so has been harrasing various high profile(and maybe low profile?) targets to try and get them to recant.

One particular favorite of mine (since I visit there frequently) is the fact that the hosting company (See Matt's site for address and phone info) for Absolute Write received word from Barbara Bauer and her associates, basically giving the empty threat of a lawsuit as often happens when dealing with people such as Barbara Bauer, and instantly took AW off-line.

Needless to say, Absolute Write is now looking for a new hosting company.

People always amaze me with how easily they can be convinced of lies.