25 May 2006

Aston West Fan-Fic

Everyone has had plenty of time to work and rework all their Aston West fanfic...post it here (in the comments section).

Or perhaps I should be requesting some Barbara Bauer fanfic instead?

Aston West


  1. Heh. That's not fanfic!

    It's slash.

  2. I'll accept Aston West slash as well...

  3. Ashton and the Tribble...a love story

    The rest I leave to your imagination.

  4. dang
    Aston! not Ashton. Although Ashton Kutcher/Tribble slash has potential...they're about equal in IQ, I'd guess.

  5. Say what you want about Ashton Kutcher, but I watched him on celebrity jeopardy not too long ago, and he finished with like $18,000.

  6. That's because he wasn't facing me...

    He's tried to build success off (my) name recognition for far too long...

  7. Maybe the Vladirian liquor went straight to my head. I'm too stubborn to admit my delirium was due to Aston's eyes or quietly respectful deference to my status. I mean, he's a space pirate for Orion's sake! A man who dabbles in the detritus of others! But he's quiet, self-contained, silently simmering just beneath his compact surface.

    So it's either that Vladirian concoction I drank, or it's him. Aston West. My reluctant hero. I'll need further research on the subject to be sure.

  8. And if posting it here is too limiting, posting on your own blog and providing a link will work as well...


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