12 May 2006

The Hit Parade

I just returned from a city-wide parade and found something rather astonishing.

Is it common practice now that the various floats and parade participants NOT toss out candy to the curb for kids to get? Has Earth (and American in particular) society gotten so worried about liability issues as to avoid tossing pieces of candy which may injure a pedestrian (or rot their teeth)?

Personally, that's the only thing I ever found exciting about parades...which says a lot about the one I just returned from.


  1. I haven't seen anything tossed from a parade in at least a decade, with the noteable exception of the Gay Pride parade at the University of Arizona five or six years ago. But those were condoms made to look like lollipops.

  2. We live in a small town and they banned throwing candy here too. But they can "pass it out" and so you see these teens walking on both sides of their float, passing out little candies along the way. I'm not sure I like that. I mean, I don't have little ones but I've seen the look on a small child - hand outstretched - as he gets skipped. (the teens move fast and only hand out a few candies every so many feet along the route.)

  3. Better than condom-flavored lollipops, I'd say...

  4. Come to Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama (where it originated in this country, BTW) and you'll candy, stuffed animals, cups, beads, plastic toys, and the best Moon Pies in the world. We also throw goodies at all our other types of parades as well.

  5. As long as they aren't throwing cow pies along with those Moon Pies...


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