12 February 2022

2022 Writing Goals

Well, I neglected to put out a set of goals in 2021, and almost did the same here in 2022. I guess it's only a month late (not making excuses, but the past month or so has been a train wreck, health-wise). Here they are:

1. Complete the first draft of my fifth Aston West series novel, Before the Dawn. I have several chapters written on this one, so I am expecting to finish this goal. That said, I have been "pantsing" this story, which has not turned out that well for me so far (Some good material, but it seems to be wandering a lot with no real direction).

2. Complete the first draft of my second title (Tempted) in my new Demonkiller series. I do have a rough plot outlined for this one, so planning to flesh that out a bit more, and then start in on the draft. Stretch goal will be to get it published this year, but we shall see how things go the next few months.

3. As the rights from Dead or Alive have been returned to me, it's time to re-publish and re-brand my two short story collections. Planning to get that done this year as well. Perhaps in time for Air Cap in November.

Completely doable, so now it's just a matter of bearing down and getting on these goals.

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