24 December 2022

"Turnabout" is Fair Play

 It has been a great long while since I've posted, and even then, most of those had been my regular writing goals posts (end of the year posts are coming soon). But I'm happy to announce that my latest Aston short story "Turnabout" will be published soon in a magazine. It has been over a decade (11-12 years?) since my last official magazine publication, so pretty excited about that. Will let everyone know when it comes out (e-published and print both).

Readers of my very first short story "Little White Truths" (in the now-defunct Ray Gun Revival, issue #33 - also re-printed in the Aston short story collection Dead or Alive) will be in for a special treat with this one. It's been over 15 years since that one came out for the first time, so if you've forgotten the story, go back and re-read it in preparation for the new story arriving.

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