06 April 2012

Bangalore or Bust: A Travel Log (Day 12)

Author's note: For the next several weeks, I'll be posting tidbits of a travel log, which I kept during a two-week business trip (the reason I was in sporadic contact with the world recently). Enjoy!

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Day 12, Monday (3/5):

Another long drive into work this morning, and as mentioned, the event of the day was seeing our corporate CEO walk through the area. I guess I never really paid attention before, but the man is really tall. Walking around to view projects cherry-picked by the local management, he only spent a short while in the area. Then, we were carted off another thirty minutes away to a country club for a brief all-hands meeting. I’m not sure he knew what they were planning for him, but I felt the padded throne was a bit much (sorry, no photo - would like to keep my job a little longer).

That said, the day also went long because of this, which caused us to be stuck in traffic on the way back to the hotel, to the tune of over an hour-and-a-half drive time. Got back, changed clothes, and then we were rushing back out for a walk to a nearby restaurant (another steakhouse, at which I ended up getting roasted lamb, still for around eight bucks). We discovered that there was an attached bowling alley, so we thought we might check it out. Unfortunately, at the equivalent of three dollars a game, it wasn’t that much better than back home. Throw in the fact I didn’t have my own ball or shoes with me, and we beat a hasty exit.

It surprises me how in such a short time we’ve gotten so used to the traffic congestion, as well as the number of people swarming about on the sidewalk. You also discover that being a hard-ass is the best way to fend off the street vendors and beggars. As well, traffic speeding past in close proximity doesn’t normally concern you. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad…but with only two more days here in Bangalore, it will be interesting to see how life back home appears in contrast.

And that's all for today...be sure to come back for the next installment...


  1. Padded throne... LOL. Being a hard-@#$ is a good policy with telemarketers too. Just hung up on one. Hey, I try to help out when I can but sometimes, you just can't!

  2. I don't envy telemarketers for the crappy job they have, but I feel no pity for them, either...


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