06 April 2012

SFFS: A Snippet from "Double Trouble"

Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday here on the blog (make sure to go visit all of the other SFFS writers through that link). For those who read last week's snippet from "Deadly Decisions", there seemed to be a large consensus among everyone who wanted to read more about Kasey. So this week, I'm planning to bring out a snippet from another of her stories.

Who's Kasey Reynolds? Those who've read my story "Entrapment" already know...

In my story "Double Trouble", Kasey has just returned from her (shall we say less-than-stellar) experience in "Entrapment" and the new story's tagline says it all: Kasey Reynolds had it all, but now she only has one chance to keep it.

The flesh on flesh impact echoed off black stone. Pain radiated through Kasey’s jaw before she fell to the floor. Torches hung along each wall, painting their light on the vaulted ceiling. Each flame grew with the mercenary’s anger. She jerked her head back toward the Birolian crown Prince, a growl rolling deep in her throat.

Dryden towered over her. An eerie red halo silhouetted his muscular frame, while his eyes narrowed. “You won’t fail us again.”

He was fortunate the scattergun usually attached to Kasey’s thigh was back on her ship. Otherwise, he’d be dead.

If you enjoyed this, check out the full story, available for free...as well as all of my other short stories! And be on the lookout next week for yet another appearance from Kasey...