01 April 2012

An Important Announcement

So, I've come to a realization recently. It was a hard decision, but necessary...

I see so many authors out there with far greater sales numbers than I have...and I keep wondering why. The easy answer is that I don't put enough graphic sex in my novels. So, I've decided that the only way I'm going to be successful in the writing business is for Aston to branch out into the erotica field. With all of the ladies he interacts with on a regular basis in his stories and novels, there should be plenty of opportunity for stories galore.

And for my first story, I've decided to pull the deleted scenes from Aston's trysts (which all happen "off-camera" in my latest novel Death Brings Victory, and put them into a double-shot of erotica stories, and post it up for sale. I urge you all to pick up your copy of this new piece, and help me along in my success.

And if you've read this far, and can't understand how I could possibly come to this decision, then perhaps you should get yourself a calendar, and check what today is...

April Fools! *smile*