13 April 2012

SFFS: A Snippet From "Collateral"

Welcome to yet another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday here on the blog (go visit all of the other SFFS writers through that link and read even more tales). For those who read my snippet from "Deadly Decisions" and my snippet from "Double Trouble" last week, you'll be happy to know I'm bringing out one last snippet from another Kasey Reynolds story. This one is from my new story "Collateral" which has been accepted for an anthology to come out (scheduled to, anyway) in June:

As a brief set-up, Kasey is has been hired to escort a caged criminal, and this is their first meeting. I don't normally get into so much description, instead focusing on dialogue, so it will be interesting to see how this passage is perceived.

His massive forearms rested against the wall of his cage. Black metal bands wrapped around his wrists while muscles bulged all across his body. There wasn’t a single hair on his body, and Kasey couldn’t tell whether he even had a neck to speak of. Elaborate body markings covered every spot she could see, and likely those she couldn’t due to his thick black shorts. She focused on one in particular, centered on his sternum, was an elegant piece of artwork, a ring of fire. If it wasn’t for the fact he was a known criminal, she may have been attracted to this specimen.

“This is Estil Ortiz.” The young officer motioned with his head while the criminal stared through Kasey with two dark black eyes. She shivered on the inside, for this was no common criminal.

She should have demanded more money.

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and we'll catch you next week! If you enjoyed this, check out all of my short stories!