16 March 2012

SFFS: A Snippet From "A Thankful Heart"

Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday here on the blog. For those who haven't already heard, my new novel Death Brings Victory is now available.

But since last week's snippet was "the last" (for now) from Death Brings Victory, I'm moving along to one of my short stories. So, I now present a snippet from my short story "A Thankful Heart" (as featured in my collection Dead or Alive). In this one, Aston has just stumbled into a bar where the locals are having a little party. Knowing Aston, he wishes he was anywhere else...

“Come, join our celebration.”

I laughed under my breath and said, “No, thanks. I’m not in the mood.”

“But it’s the Festival of Giving Thanks. Surely you have something to be thankful for.” He raised a large mug of golden liquid. In the dimmest of lights, and most desperate of times, perhaps it could pass for Vladirian liquor. Wishful thinking on my part. There was going to be only one way of getting these people off my back.

“I guess I’m thankful I’m not dead or in prison.”

If you enjoyed this, check out the full story in my Dead or Alive collection!