09 March 2012


Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday here on the blog. As you may or may not know, I'll be without dependable internet access for a few weeks, but not to worry, I'll be back soon and responding to all of your comments! So, feel free to leave some...I'm not ignoring anyone, honest! :-)

For those who saw the previous two installments, I'm once again bringing out a snippet from my latest Aston novel Death Brings Victory.And I tried my best to get away with three snippets completely devoid of Aston's Law, but I couldn't help myself:

Rione asked, “Ready to be a martyr?”

“Not today.” I pressed my lips tight.

Commander Sevil became more irate. “Power down, now!”

I looked down at the screen again. All three cruisers reached weapons range, locking on to us in unison. Red warning lights flashed around the lower canopy sill, and dual concentric red rings flashed around the symbol representing our ship. High-pitched, rapid beeps blasted our eardrums through the helmet speakers.

We were about to become space dust.

If you enjoyed this, be on the lookout, because a full first chapter is bound to be making the rounds soon...and in the meantime, check out all of my novels!