02 March 2012


Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday here on the blog. As you may or may not know, I'll be without dependable internet access for a few weeks, but will be coming on to comment when I get the chance. So, feel free to leave comments...I'm not ignoring anyone, honest! :-)

For those who saw the last installment, I'm once again bringing out a snippet from my latest Aston novel Death Brings Victory. To set this one up, Aston and Rione are carrying out their master plan to try and bring an end to a Torian civil war (Axyl being one of the crown princes)...and what a plan it is!

His hungry stare took inventory of Rione’s form as she flowed across the room in front of him, crossing slowly from one side to the other. It never strayed as he examined every part of her body. There was no mistaking his intentions, since I myself had looked at several women the same way more than a few times.

Things were going exactly according to Rione’s plan.

I watched the lust rise within him as he ignored the woman in his lap. She attempted to gain his attention, running her tongue and lips along his neck and bare chest. Rione knew exactly what she was doing, strolling up to a random Torian on the dance floor. Grabbing him by the shoulders, she gyrated with the music, surprising even me with her sensuality. I didn’t know what it was doing to Axyl, but even I felt the familiar pangs of jealousy.

That was before Rione decided to start rubbing her body tight against this stranger she’d never met.

If you enjoyed this, be on the lookout, because a full first chapter is bound to be making the rounds soon...and in the meantime, check out all of my novels!

And again for a reminder, for the next several weeks I'll have sporadic internet access, so may or may not have a chance to sign up for the list properly. I do intend to keep my posts going each Saturday, and hope you'll stop on by. I'll answer all comments when I get the chance... ;-)


  1. Surprise! I didn't know you had a snippet ready this week!

    And, wow! What a snippet! She doesn't mess around.

  2. WOW!! I love it! Nice surprise and a very sexy one, too!

  3. Heh, girl got moves!

    Loving Aston's reactions through this.

  4. Ooh, sexy snippet! Gotta love the fellas getting all jealous!

  5. Very wow! Rione sound like a handful!! Great snippet as usual.

  6. I love the description of him watching both players.

  7. Sadly, Patrick, I don't have very reliable internet access at the moment (should be getting back to normal for next weekend, though)...and Rione is definitely a get-to-the-point kind of woman. :-)

    Glad you liked it, JC, Angelia, and TK!

    Misa, Aston's reactions definitely come into play later in the book...oops, did I say that out loud? :-)

    The way she's moving, Gayle, I'd be surprised if every guy in the room wasn't getting jealous. :-D

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!


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