13 January 2012

SFFS: An Excerpt from my Short Story "Sweet Embrace"

Another week, and time for another snippet to be posted for Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday (and after you're done here, make sure to check out all the excellent authors involved). This week, I've decided to give a tiny sampling from my short story "Sweet Embrace" which is scheduled for publication in an upcoming edition of Mindflights.

Before long, we’d docked with the much larger craft and I stepped through the airlock hatch into an empty corridor. Eyebrows raised, I looked in both directions. I’d expected a welcoming party at the very least.

Raising my left sleeve, I spoke into the embedded transmitter. “We spoke with an actual crew before coming in for docking, right?”


“Where are they?”

“I no longer detect any life signs on-board.”

Can't wait for the whole story to appear, and I'll be sure to let folks know when it's available for your viewing pleasure. Until then, check out the rest of my short stories or if you prefer to pay for your reading, check out my short story collections.