10 January 2012

Weekly Goals - January 10, 2012

Hope all of you have been enjoying the "writerly" posts lately. But for those who haven't been around for long, I do like making a weekly post of my writing goals. This mainly serves to hold me accountable, a necessary evil when trying to get into (and keep) a rhythm going with our writing. So, without further adieu, here's the recap for the week.

Results for this week:

1. Edited 5 chapters on Death Brings the Victory

And now the goals for this coming week:

1. Edit 5 more chapters on Death Brings the Victory


  1. Hope the editing is going well. I met last week's goal. =) So far, so good this week too. (Hope I didn't just jinx myself again!)

  2. Congratulations on hitting last week's goal! I likely should have gotten a little bit more edited, but I met my mark, so...

    Overall, I think edits are going well. There were a few items that didn't make as much sense reading them now as when I read it last, plus some inadvertent usage of a "sonic screwdriver" when I hadn't ever seen Dr. Who until just before this latest batch of edits...


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