27 January 2012

SFFS: An Excerpt From "Collateral"

Time for another snippet for Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday (don't forget to check out all the excellent authors involved). With me being deep into edits for Death Brings the Victory, I've been neglectful in figuring out what three stories are going to be going into the next Aston West Triple-Shot (and if you've not seen the first, make sure to get a copy). Although today's snippet won't be (since it doesn't feature Aston specifically), it does feature a character near and dear to my heart, Kasey Reynolds. If you like this one, be sure to check out the first appearance of Kasey in my Aston West short story "Entrapment" (available for free from Smashwords). And now, an excerpt from the Kasey Reynolds short story "Collateral":

As they moved closer, Kasey made out finer details of the beast she was escorting. His massive forearms rested against the wall of his cage. Black metal bands wrapped around his wrists while muscles bulged all across his body. There wasn’t a single hair on his body, and Kasey couldn’t tell whether he even had a neck to speak of. Elaborate body markings covered every spot she could see, and likely those she couldn’t due to his thick black shorts. If it wasn’t for the fact he was a known criminal, she may have held some attraction for this specimen.

“This is Estil Ortiz.” The young officer motioned with his head while the criminal stared through Kasey with two dark black eyes. She shivered on the inside; This was no common criminal.

She should have demanded more money.

As of this posting, I've not yet found a home for "Collateral" and I may end up going ahead with an arrangement like I did with "Entrapment" (but we'll see). Enjoy!