06 January 2012

SFFS: An Excerpt from my novel DEATH BRINGS THE VICTORY

Well, after a few weeks' vacation, it's time once again to get back into Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and since I'm neck-deep in the editing phase of my next Aston West novel, Death Brings the Victory, I figured I'd give a small snippet from that one.

“There it is,” I muttered. An orbiting superstructure rotated on the viewscreen before me, silhouetted by the bluish-white planet Toris. This monstrosity was far smaller than its sibling, the Torian orbital station, but still far larger than the Rulusian vessel we rode in.
I studied the hulking mass of dark gray metal which symbolized so much pain and suffering. A long boom, half the length of the satellite, jutted toward the planet. At the very tip, a sensor sphere conducted scans of the planet. Beams penetrated deep under the planet’s surfaces and bounced back to large cupped blades surrounding the satellite’s cylindrical body. The strength of these beams tracked the planet’s citizens, rooting out large gatherings of anti-government forces. Violent executions had run rampant, and had to be stopped.
That’s why I was here.

I'm hoping to get all of my (polish) editing completed in the next few months, and then it's time to 'choose my own adventure' if you will. So, until then, check out the rest of the novels and short stories from the Aston West universe, over at AstonWest.com.