05 January 2012

Attitude is Everything - How's Yours?

The holidays are often the times when many start feeling down, or sorry for themselves, and toss a writer in the midst of that, and you have a recipe for disaster.

So, I follow a lot of writer blogs and websites, and so many of them have stories filled with success. Thousands of copies sold over the Christmas holiday. Myself, not so much. So, I'm left wondering what am I doing wrong? Don't leave such an open-ended question out for a writer used to constructing elaborate plots, because the number of reasons for slow sales could be mind-boggling.

Then I realized that a "woe is me" attitude in regards to low sales (the same could be said for lack of acceptances when querying or submitting to magazines) is counter-productive. A defeatist attitude is going to only lead to further defeat, and the vicious cycle will continue. So, instead, I decided it was time to do something about boosting my attitude out of the gutter, and improving my lot in (this writer's) life.

Friend of the Aston West Universe, Lisa Pietsch, and I began discussions, and we're starting off on figuring out a marketing strategy to improve my sales numbers. I'm positive that with her experiences as a marketing strategist, things will skyrocket in no time (how's that for a positive attitude? *smile*).

So, how about all of you? How's your attitude (and this isn't just limited to writers, but everyone)? Does it need some improvement? How are you going to do it?