07 September 2012

SFFS: Trouble Comes Knocking (a snippet from "Genesis")

Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday on the blog. Thanks for all the feedback you give on my snippets, but be sure to go visit all of the other writers through the SFFS link above as well.

As mentioned last week, I'm slowly bringing out snippets from "Genesis," a story that I'd written long ago. So, if you didn't catch the previous snippets, here are a few links to get you back up to speed.

The story so far

The boys have found out Gabriel's background as one being sent by the Maker. Colin is expecting trouble, and today's snippet reveals the trouble they've gotten themselves into. Those who were hoping to find out what's in the satchel are going to enjoy today's feature:
“I’m not here for trouble,” Gabriel complained. “I need you to help me complete my journey.”

“We don’t have the resources to transport you, and have no money to contribute to your ‘cause’, so why don’t you just move along?”

“I would not expect you to do this for free and neither would the Maker.” He tossed the satchel into the center of the table, where it landed with a metallic crash, before a handful of round, golden coins bounced out. I grabbed one and examined it closely.

“Galactic credits?” The blue ring around the circumference denoted the value of ten thousand, which meant the stacks inside the satchel, had to be worth…

I gulped. Who was this Gabriel Peters?

Be sure to come back next week for yet another installment. Again, I always enjoy your comments!