21 September 2012

SFFS: Blood and Gohr (A "Genesis" Snippet)

Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday on the blog. Thanks for all the feedback you give on my snippets, but be sure to go visit all of the other writers through the SFFS link above as well.

I'm slowly bringing out snippets from "Genesis," a story that I'd written long ago. So, if you didn't catch the previous snippets,catch the story so far.

A little trivia is in order. Those who've read my novels, in particular Friends in Deed, may have faintly recognized the group of beasts at the table when they were first mentioned several weeks ago (and if not, today's snippet will hopefully dredge up those memories). These were the first inklings of what eventually became the Gohr species. But enough reminiscing of old times, the boys and Gabriel just got interrupted by one...and the Gohr don't like to be pre-empted, not even by their own creator:
I glanced up at the grotesque face above us. Mighty fangs hung from the upper half of the beast’s long, broad snout, while yellowish saliva dripped down to the tabletop in long hanging strings. He snarled, “I knew you couldn’t keep it hidden forever.”

Gabriel waved him off. “This is none of your concern, Azrael.”

“The hell it isn’t…” Azrael bellowed pale steam out his nostrils. His eyes flickered red in the candlelight. “This money belonged to my brother, and since he’s dead, I plan on staking my claim to it.” A long, deep snarl pushed his point closer to home.

Be sure to come back next week for yet another installment. Again, I always enjoy your comments!