07 November 2011

Triple-Shots of Aston West

So, if you've checked out the last two SFFS excerpts here on the blog, you have a leg up on everyone else. And if you haven't, get on over and read excerpts from "Dead Man's Forge" and "Ever Dark".

So, now that everyone's up to speed, I'd like to introduce a brand new series we're kicking off with the Aston West universe: Triple-Shots of Aston West, a trio of short stories, all in one e-book for under a buck. The first Triple-Shot is now out, including "Ever Dark", "Samaritan" and the feature story "Dead Man's Forge".

And big thanks to the wonderful cover artist TK Toppin for the great work on the Triple-Shots cover art:

So, get out there and buy a copy (currently up at Smashwords, with the Amazon edition and others coming shortly). Check out three great stories for under a buck, and be sure to check back often for new stories.


  1. Wow. Sounds great. I love that cover art. Congrats!

  2. TK Toppin does great cover art, and also puts up with my constant (read, anal-retentive) tweaking... ;-)


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