31 August 2006


So, I was watching Comedy Central last night (when I should have been writing) and along came a show I hadn't seen before. It was actually pretty funny, like Jon Stewart's Daily Show, but with talent.

Anyway, during the show, they made a comment about how Hungary is using an online poll to decide upon the name of a bridge. Apparently, Colbert is attempting to get his name on the bridge. I thought I'd try to vote, but can't for the life of me figure out where the link is to get there (to the poll), despite the fact they said on the show it was there.

I don't have time to search, so I'm going to give up now and wish him luck.

Note to website designers: Make it easy to navigate for those of us with little time to spare.

Aston West
Colbert Report


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  2. Who knows, maybe I should have kept the spam comment...I don't get enough of them as it is...



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