28 August 2006

I Knew Him When...

Well, it would seem that fellow writer and blogger Matt Dinniman has been labelled a "blog of note" by the folks at Blogger.

Matt, just don't let the instant fame go to your head.

And make sure to point out that you have books they could purchase to support their hero.
I wish I could say I've read your books myself, but I can say that a copy of Shivered Sky is resting on my coffee table (waiting for me)...

Matt Dinniman


  1. Hey, cool! Thanks for (thinking about) reading.

    And I won't let it get to my head so as long as you properly tithe.

  2. Matt sucks.

    Ha-ha, just kidding! A well-deserved bit of recognition, IMO.

    And Aston, I finally got around to updating my blog links--you're in there, buddy.


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