08 August 2006

The Painful Truth

So, I seem to be having issues lately.

I have many books to read, but don't feel like reading anything.
I have other books to critique for fellow authors, but don't feel like doing that either.
I have many friends I could be e-mailing on a more regular basis, but usually close the computer down and do something else.
I should be writing, but I often find myself asking myself "Why bother?"
I don't feel much like posting on some of the message boards where I used to post all the time.
I don't really feel much like talking with most of the people I deal with on a daily basis.
I find myself sitting in front of the TV most nights, zoning out to nothing in particular.

One could almost think I was suffering from some sort of depression.
But then again, maybe it's just boredom.

Or it could just be an early run at a mid-life crisis...minus the unnecessary financial expenditures.

Eh, time to break out more Vladirian liquor...

Aston West