07 September 2006

A-Musing for All

So, not to go into details, but I've stumbled upon what could be considered a dilemma of morals and ethics.

Does it seem fair that parents who would be good to their children and basically worthwhile as parents would lose their children (to death), while deadbeats and those of similar ilk are able to keep theirs?

No, it doesn't to me either...

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  1. You have verbalized the ONE thing that wrecks my faith worst of all. If God is omnipotent, where is He hiding when child abusers have one baby after another to abuse and even kill, when other couples remain childless or miscarry their pregnancies.

    The second question that wrecks my faith is.....how come it's regular everyday people we see struggling with catastrophic diseases and not vicious warmongers, pedophiles, serial killers, child abusers, and the like?

    "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. I will repay." Well start repaying, already.


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