09 September 2006

Yet Another Rant

So, I attended an airshow today (which made me reminiscient for my days back in the GDF flying fighters)...quite a fun time, though I have to ask this question for my own general sanity.

Is there a reason that people in dire conditions decide "Boy, I think I'd love to walk around a flight line for hours on end?"

First, you have the injured...I can't imagine trying to navigate on crutches for that long, nor why I would want to try.

Then, you have the folks who have about six small children, all under about 4 as far as one could tell...as exciting as it would be for the young'uns, I'd have to say that keeping track of all those little ones in a crowd of tens-of-thousands would not be my first choice for what-to-do on a Saturday. The number of "lost children" announced at the show makes me think it may not have been just a coincidence they decided to bring their kids to a big event.

Then, save the best for last, being pregnant and coming out to an airshow.

Now, I'm not talking few weeks or few months pregnant. I'm talking 9 months, ready to burst at any moment pregnant.

This actually happened:

Lady comes into the booth where I happened to be helping and asks to borrow a chair, then proceeds to tell us she's having contractions. We ask her to wait while we get the medics, but she tells us no...that she'll keep walking. She leaves before we're able to get help.


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