29 December 2005

A Tragic Tale

Just checking out some news stories online, and came across this article. Apparently, humans have yet to realize the dangers inherent to projectile weapons. In my own galaxy, only the Gohr continue to use these types of weapons (and they're fairly sadistic beings, for whatever that's worth). Not to say that all energy weapons aren't deadly (as anyone who's seen a disintegrator cannon in action can confirm), but the vast majority are set to temporary disable a person, until you choose otherwise. It seems that even the most innocent of projectile weapons can kill a person without intending to do so.




  1. Just out of curiosity, how do you blog from your galaxy???

  2. Hunter lets me use his computer when I come around (which tends to be more often when I'm relaying stories to him). It almost qualifies as an antique, but functions well enough for this task...

  3. That is such a sad story on so many levels. My son participates in an organized "AirSoft" club. He wears a ton of protective gear (like in Paintball) and so far his worst injury has been from a fall, not a shot. I still worry about him whenever he goes out, but he's an "adult" (ha!) and makes up his own mind.


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