24 December 2005

The Day Before Christmas

Ah, the day before Christmas, and I'm sitting here wondering what Hunter bought for me. We were walking through the stores the other day, and there was a huge line outside of one store, a place called Best Buy (which reminded me more of black market bazaars than a shop, especially with those prices...whew). We noticed a line gathering at the door while we were waiting in the nice warm comfort of Hunter's vehicle, and couldn't figure out why everyone was so anxious to stand out in the cold. As the store opened and we walked inside, a worker attempted to hand us a ticket to buy an Xbox 360.

"What is this Xbox 360?" I asked.
"A game system."
"What do you do with it?"
"Play games."
"How much does it cost?"
"400 dollars."
"To play games?"
"Is there perhaps an Xbox 160 I could find? Something a bit cheaper?"
"The regular Xbox, you could probably find for 90 dollars, used."
"Does it still play games?"
"Yes, but they're not as good."
"But you can still play games?"

I'll never understand humans.

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