26 December 2005

The Day After Christmas

You had to know it was coming...

Well, Christmas came and went. I'm still not sure what it was all about, but besides the gifts, I also learned that almost nothing is open the whole day. Hopefully no one needed anything desperately...

Ah, the gifts. I marveled at the number of tools Hunter received from his wife. I have a feeling she is trying to give him hints of upcoming work projects to complete. I think I may need to take a trip in the near future, to avoid being drawn into any such disaster.

Hunter warned me up front about his wife's gift-giving habits, but I never believe him as it is, so it was a large surprise when I received 'cute' gifts such as stuffed animals and candy-filled containers. Although the candy was fine, and helps to ward off intoxication a little longer, I have no idea what possessed her to give me these little animals that were never alive to begin with.

Whatever shall I do with these children's toys? I have no children, I have no family of my own. Perhaps I shall present them to Rione or Juniper, who may have a better use for them than I do? If they make it that far. The more I look at them, the more I'm tempted to set up a shooting range on my ship.

Hunter came through, however, and presented me with a gift certificate to a liquor store, so I can cure my withdrawl symptoms. Maybe he isn't such a prude after all.

Well, maybe he is. At his family gathering, after gifts were presented and babies were allowed to play in the wrapping paper (disturbing little creatures, these human babies), a wondrous drink was passed around called eggnog. Unfortunately, for me, they put no alcohol inside, even though they made it themselves. A cruel, cruel joke, Hunter...

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  1. Did you note that the human babies enjoyed the wrapping more than the gifts inside? I have to agree with the wit that proposed just giving boxes full of wrappings to the littlest kids since that's all they play with anyway.

    I'm afraid of home-made egg nog. I worry about raw eggs. I had to make mulled hot mead for Sven_the_Viking. It wasn't too bad.

  2. Homemade eggnog is perfectly fine, as long as you use fresh eggs (not the ones that have been sitting around for 6 months). In the 20 years or more that I've heard it's been served around the Hunter household, there have been no casualties (or illnesses, either).

    The human babies seemed to enjoy their toys more than the wrappings for the most part, because they made lots of noise and had quite a few lights to draw their attention. Not to say that attention was drawn for long, but......

  3. I used to make homemade Kahlua for my friends at Christmas until most of them had to go on the wagon. Personally, I would love an eggnog with just a touch of vladirian liquor in it. YUM.

  4. Vladirian liquor in eggnog???
    You, sir (or madam), are a GENIUS!!!

    I must now go sneak a bottle out of my stash...


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